In a society, where there is an increase of school drop out, half educated and non educated, coupled with the high rate of unemployment, youth restifness as a result of little or no government presence in such society. A society like this, is very prone to all sort of social vices, in order to survive, and this is very common in most communities in Nigeria. Recently, there was an increase of harmed robery, kidnapping and seapiracy in the Niger Delta communities of Nigeria, as a result of unemployment, youth restifness and hunger. And this is the more reasons why we as an NGO, is more concerned with the human capacity buildings in different areas of skills acquisition programs in the rural areas where government presence are not been felt, in order to discourage the mind set of these young people from committing crimes, to a trade where they can be useful to themselves, families and society. Therefore, we seek for partnership, from national and international communities, cooperate organizations, well meaning individuals to key into this vision, as we jointly make the world a better place to be.

Public Health Initiative
School Somewhere in our neighboring Communities
Dilapidated Hospital
School Somewhere in our neighboring Communities

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